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New Update Coming Soon!
Just an announcement to say that the next update will be coming soon. I have been working on a second quest for Dead of Night. I was hoping to have it out a lot sooner than now, but the map I was working on was not of great quality. So, I d...
Happy Halloween!!! Dead of Night is on sale!
So, its that time of year again. And to celebrate, Dead of Night is on sale for $2.99. The offer ends on 1st November. Happy Halloween!!!
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Eat-Em-Up Update is now live!
As the title suggests, the new Eat-Em-Up mode is now live! This mode is score based, where the object is to eat as many people as possible and get a high score. There are 3 levels to run around in and cause as much chaos as you can! There h...
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New Update Coming soon
So it's been a few weeks since the last update, and the reason is that I am busy making new content for Dead of Night. In the next update there will be a new mode called Eat-Em-Up, where the objective is to eat as many people as possible wh...
Update 23/07/17
This update aims to fix various issues with the save system. A lot of things were causing problems, including but not limited to : - item spawning - cops spawning - puzzles not saving when completed... ...and various other things. Unfortun...
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Dead of Night is now on sale!
The full version of Dead of Night is now on sale! It's been a good few years and now I'm glad that I have got to this point. The beta will still be a free download for people to check out. Any questions or bugs (which I hope there are ve...
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YAYYYYYY!!! I can't believe its getting to the point where I am going to have a final release out for sale. It's been hard but hopefully worth it. So, yes, Dead of Night is on Steam now and I now have a definite release date set. The ga...
Development Update 13/06/17
Getting ready to release the full game soon. I have just uploaded the new trailer for everyone to see. Just ironing out any annoying bugs and tidying up loose ends. The game will be priced at £2.99, and the beta version will still be f...
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