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Dead of Night is a 2D flipscreen adventure game inspired by such 8-bit classics as Spike in Transylvania, Bride of Frankenstein, Werewolves of London and the Dizzy series.

The object of the game is to solve puzzles in order to retrieve Vlads stolen possessions and bring them back to the castle, and also by avoiding enemies such as Police men, rats and drips of toxic goo.

At certain points during the night you may run into some people. These people can be eaten to increase health and mana (and may also drop an item!).

People will run at the very sight of you, and the police will quickly run and try to beat you to death. Pressing the Transform key will change you to Human form and will stop you from being detected!

Dead of Night also uses a day/night cycle (of sorts!). As Vlad is a vampire, he can only stay out at night, and as such must either retreat to his castle or find some other way to evade the sun.

This is the free Beta version of the game. There are bugs and a lot of things are being reworked for the final version


- Over 70 Uniquie Rooms to Explore

- Original Soundtrack and Sound Effects

- Original Commodore 64 Inspired Graphics

- Original Story and Script

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to leave them at the bottom of the page!

Install instructions

This is a single runtime executable. Once downloaded double click and play! If you run into any issues please leave a message.


Dead of Night Beta.exe (59 MB)

Development log


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You gonna launch this game for Windows

Yes, Windows will be the target platform. It has been tested on Windows XP, 7 and 10. I would like to release it for other operating systems (ie: Mac/Linux) but this will be looked at after the game is finished. Thanks for the question!

I got to play and record a video. Didn't figure out how to 'return' the cat but it's probably something I need to experiment with. Looking forward to the full release. And maybe a more powerful Vlad. :)


Hi Cryptic, thanks for the video! There was an area that you missed and a special NPC that needs to be killed in order to progress, but you were right that you needed something else for the cat.

The map is going through a redesign as the NPCs are a bit stupid in this build, a map will be added to show the player the main areas in the game, a few other helpful items will be added and I would like to implement a save system, but things will take time as this is a one man operation.

Thanks again for the video and the feedback!