Eat-Em-Up Update is now live!

As the title suggests, the new Eat-Em-Up mode is now live! This mode is score based, where the object is to eat as many people as possible and get a high score. There are 3 levels to run around in and cause as much chaos as you can!

There has been a good few changes, bug fixes and additions with this update as well. So lets go through them...

- Extra music has been added to the game! Four new tracks are now in the story mode, and Eat-Em-Up has its own music as well.

- A few extra sound effects have been added - mainly to do with menu navigation / inventory selection. There were sound effects to the drips in the sewer but they were muted at one time for testing and never turned back up, this has been fixed.

- Options menu has been re-arranged and an Audio Menu has been added. A main volume control is in there to allow people to adjust the volume, and also a music player has been included. Also the music and sound effects were reduced slightly as to not be as loud.

- Normal mode now has double the length of time per night when the player is on the mainland. Hard mode stays the same.

- When pausing it is now an actual PAUSE rather than asking if the player wants to quit - pressing Enter or A on the controller while paused will ask the player if they want to quit.

- Fullscreen is now fully stretched to the monitor and looks to scale properly. this will look stretched vertically if you are using a 4:3 monitor as the game was designed more for widescreen monitors.

-Hunters code has been rewritten and should be a 'little' less deadly / less glitchy.

- People had their code rewritten for when they are scared. Sometimes they would get stuck bouncing between two places to run to (like the police station and a phonebox for instance) so this has now been fixed so the person picks somewhere and sticks to it.

- Police will now turn around when standing over a dead body / chalk outline. They wont be as easy to sneak up on.

- The butcher door (which I thought was fixed :@ ) has now been fixed. The back gate will now open every other night as intended.

- The cat in story mode would stay in the same spot and not move about every night after a load. This has been fixed.

- When leaving the mainland / coming back there was the potential for enemies to spawn and run out of their boundaries. Fixed.

There will be a small update in the next few weeks to add a few more sound effects - namely when Vlad dies to sunlight and also when he flies in to attack a person. Also bug fixes. A Steam Leaderboard is also on my mind, so stay tuned for that.

I want to add more levels to Eat-Em-Up in the future, but the next big update will focus on the continuation of Story Mode. I want this to be finished in time for Halloween.

Again, any issues or bugs (and I'd be very surprised if there were none) let me know!




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Sep 17, 2017

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A small update has been released to fix some issues.

- (27/09/17 update) A bug that would crash the game after playing Eat-Em-Up Mode has been fixed.

- (27/09/17 update) A bug that would play the wrong music after you die in Story Mode has been fixed.