Update 23/07/17

This update aims to fix various issues with the save system. A lot of things were causing problems, including but not limited to :

- item spawning 
- cops spawning
- puzzles not saving when completed...

...and various other things. Unfortunatly old save files will cause issues and I recommend that you start a new game, although you could try and play with the old save but I have no idea how the game will cope when trying to read in the old information (thanks Soro for the feedback).

A few bugs were fixed as well :

- Byron black screen - when completing Byrons puzzle the screen would go black when colliding with him.

- The ferryman glitch - A funny one as it took me this long to see. When travelling from the castle the screen would not fade out, and you would travel infinitly from screen to screen. (thanks to Outtasite for pointing that one out!)

- Park Ranger - for some reason he would not come out when he was supposed to.

- Backalley gate - was not opening on the right nights.

- Night counter not updating when spending the night in the swamp or sewer - pretty self explanitory that one.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, and again any issues please leave a message.



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Jul 23, 2017

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