Second Quest Update is now Live!!!

Greetings everyone!

The new update to Dead of Night is now live - a secondary storyline with its own town to explore. Help Vlad rob the bank and fill his vault with gold!

There have been a few things added to the game, and a few fixes as well :

- The map in the first area would crash the game after the player interacted with it and tried to come back to the game.

- If a cop was trying to get to a dead body, and the cop that found the body had died, the game would sometimes crash.

- The intro music was (for some reason) over written with another sound effect - from what I have read, Game Maker sometimes does that.

- Flooring the coordinates of the cops / people when they spot Vlad, it would have caused the sprite to not display properly and also stopped the cops from properly finishing a path.

ADDED - Extra dialogue to the Ferryman, the party house, Fiona and Byron - just so they don't repeat their original dialogue if you talk to them twice in a row.

ADDED - FLASHING RED TIME INDICATOR when the night is ending - one complaint was that people were not too sure when the time ends and were not aware that they were going to die. This should help when you are running around eating people.

ADDED - 5 EXTRA ACHIEVEMENTS for the new quest.

MODIFIED - The save system had to be changed to accomodate the new quest. Unfortunatly this means that old saves may not be compatible so I would highly suggest that players start a new game.

So this is it for the content updates for Dead of Night. Do not take this as being abandoned, as there will still be bug fixes released if / when bugs and glitches are found.

I will be starting to upload the older prototypes / alpha versions in a while. I was looking to do that not long after I released Dead of Night, but there were bugs that had to be fixed and other updates, plus other stuff in real life that was happening.

Once the protos / alphas are released I will be starting to think about the sequel, which if all goes well will be the game that I had intended to make if I had the resources. This has been an amazing experience developing a game, and a lot of lessons have been learned. I want to thank everyone that helped and supported me, and also want to thank you, the players for taking the time to check out my first game.

And, as always, any bugs or issues, let me know!




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Feb 05, 2018

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